What's the best way to advertise to Section 8 Recipients?

I have a couple of houses that I would like to make available to Section 8 recipients, but I’m having a hard time reaching that market. Here, in Dallas, they are no longer accepting applications for Section 8, so I need to find some people who already receive Section 8 assistance. I’ve signed my house up the housing authorites website, but outside of that, I’m at a loss as of what to do to reach them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have properties in the section 8 program. In my experience it usually takes about 4 weeks before you start getting steady responses after putting your property on the section 8 listing.

You may actually want to check the list yourself and see if the property is actually listed. Sometimes things get mis-placed within the administration.

Or you could place an ad in the local newspaper stating " property available section 8 ok". Never state the rent because thats negotiable with section 8.

I have had good sucess with the program it just takes a little patience but the peace of mind knowing you will receive section 8’s portion of the rent on time makes it worth while.

Thank you for your response! :smiley: I’m troubled because my houses have been listed for 2 months now and I have not received any response. I wish I could check the listing online. I work full-time and it’s difficult to get to Dallas during their office hours and calling the housing authority is a joke.