Whats the Best Real Work Experience for Wholesaler inTraining

Would there be an ideal position salaried ,not commision that i may consider while i prepare to get started i may have to go back to work before i get up and running and need to pay bills,but i might as well pursue something in real estate indusrty ,that help me build my team ,and or buyerts or education,loans,escrow officer ,banking,underwitiing i have a degree, finance(series 7 and 63 stock broker exp) and real estate back ground and well as notory any sugestions ,i dont and cant really be an agent since its all commision

Just start running ads to get motivated sellers calling you. Call any of the “We buy houses” folks and see if they need a bird dog or if they have an opening for an assitant.

I agree with DemosL bird dogging is a good start. You can control how much you can make by bring in deals to an investors. I would sugest to find a good honest investor who is willing to share his knowledge with you. Take notes, ask questions and gather as much info u can get.

Honestly 99% of jobs that make any type of money in Real Estate are commissioned. And remember you’re in this business because you want to work for yourself not someone else. I suggest hitting the horn and networking like crazy.