What's the best choice here?

I have a motivated seller who is looking to relocate; wants to sell her place for 75K --no repairs are needed and it’s move in ready and the value is right at $111K.

Should I try to wholesale this to an investor or should I try and retail it and make even more? First potential deal.


Can you afford to make the mortgage payments for 6 months or more in case it stays on the market?

for me, it is a keeper with owner financing, but I can afford to hold on to it till it sells.

Sell it to an investor. Build up your cash flow, then you can retail it, once you have the capital to hold on to the property. Or do seller financing.

Great response Johnny Q, that’s how I’m starting. Building my cash until I can do repairs and retail.Lets keep building our cash flow,alex85.

It depends on market conditions in your area, if it is anything like the rest of the U.S I would stick with wholesaling it.