What's The Ave Percentage

Hi Guys!

What’s the average percentage you try to sell the wholesale contracts for? Hopefully that makes sense! lol

Ex- the owner wants 100,000

prop worth 200,000

what would the average price be that you wholesale it for?

Thanks in advance!

I was told 3% of the ARV (in this case 200k) or 15% of equity (100k in this example), whichever is greater. I have since confirmed that with cash investors, and they seem to think that’s fair. Im in Socal. So, Id ask for 15k in this case, because 15% of equity is alot more then 3% of ARV. I wouldn’t accept no less then 12k. Good Luck! 8)

Thank you for clearing that up for me. What part of So Cal are you in? Im in Redlands

Im in the SFV, 15 miles north of LA.