What's It Going to Take?

What’s it going to take to get the American people to wake up to the consequences of the massive government over-spending. Here’s a new article about the dire situation in California. In the article, California’s $18.6 Billion Dollar budget deficit is explained, along with the state’s declining tax receipts (as people leave the state due to over-taxation). Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Schwarzenegger’s newest plan will revise the proposals introduced in January to account for the tax-collection shortages. In January, the governor said California may have to eliminate entire welfare programs, including the main one that provides cash and job assistance to families below the poverty line, without an influx of cash from the federal government.

The bottom line is that socialism doesn’t work. Greece and much of the Europe is broke and being forced to CUT SERVICES. Now, America’s most socialistic state is beyond broke and is facing cutting entire programs AT THE SAME TIME THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS MOVING AS FAST AS IT CAN TOWARD SOCIALISM. What’s it going to take for the American people to wake up?

Here’s a link to the article:


Over taxation is a problem caused by corruption

Although I agree corruption is a large part of the problem, and I include both legal and illegal corruption in that problem, the ever expanding growth and role of government in our lives is as much , or more, to blame. More and more Americans have lost their zest for individualism and accomplishment and along with that, are unwilling to take even small risks. Instead of opportunity, they want guarantees that any effort they might expend will “succeed” and they look to government to provide that guarantee. Politicians are more than happy to develop programs to provide every type of service that guarantees some type of reward to their constituents since it expands their budgets and resulting power base.

Until Americans reverse their attitudes towards work, rewards, and risk, I don’t see it getting any better, only worse.


It takes the shine off of working for reward when the government steps up and relieves you of whatever you manage to make.

When you get the same lifestyle by hard work as you get for sitting on your butt you’ve got to have a heck of a big work ethic to still be working.

I sooo related to Micheal Savage the other day.He said he felt like he’s on another planet when he went into this place and heard people screaming/cheering @ a basketball game.This is why our country is in the state it’s in,everyone is occupied with garbage and have no clue what’s going on.

I feel exactly the same way when I see a people just mention some subtle discription of someone on american idol.Then ten other people know exactly what they are talking about,but yet have no clue who Nancy Pelosi is.This is why crooks have easily been able to hijack our country’s govt.Our founders would kick our a$$ for being soooooo stupid.That is if anyone was aware of who our founders were,The libs/progressives have done a great job of hiding/erasing as much as they can of history.

Until there are term limits for ALL elected govt positions and do away with their cushey retirements that reward failure,nothing will change.The founders wanted elected officials to have experience in business and to contribute knowledge into the laws,then go back to their business/farms,etc.You would NEVER have a business killing law passed if this was still the way.Somewhere along the line the criminals flooded in,starting in November it’s time to pull the plug and drain ALL the trash out.

Democrat/repub/ind,does’nt matter.If you have no experience and no record of actually producing or fixing anything, don’t bother running for public office.You could always try community organizing,apparently any moron can do that.

The problem with term limits is that then you only have inexperienced people with no clout, contacts or plan sitting in office. They won’t get anything done. They will just be making plans for when their term is up. I still like the process of re-electing someone who is doing a good job.


I’d take an inexperienced citizen with a little common sense over an experienced scumbag politician (republitard or dumbocrat) ANYTIME!

There is no “recovery”. There is only spending by government of money they don’t have to support current spending. Increases in spending do not measure “growth”, just more spending.

We have complete imbeciles running the federal government. Bernanke, Geithner, and all the advisor clowns at the Whitehouse don’t know how to do anything but “stimulate”, meaning deficit spending from here to monetary collapse.
Bernanke recent comments that he doesn’t see a double-dip recession can assure us all the we are headed for a double-dip as soon as the current spending falls off.
Idiot Krugman, who should be running a hot-dog stand, rather than commenting in the NYT, is already calling for more “stimulus”, on the order of $200 billion more dollars. He says the austerity measures taken recently by the European community, while giving Geithner the finger, are baaaad for the economy. He is clearly a moron.
But, given the stupidity that overwhelms this administration, expect more “stimulus”, more deficits, more taxes, more government and, for sure, a deeper and darker depression coming your way.
Given Bernanke’s recent statements which can be used a reverse barometer with 89% accuracy, we are going into a double-dip.

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