What's in a name?

How important is the name, and logo for that matter, of your LLC or Corp in attracting buyers, renters, and or business partners?

Do we subliminally prejudge companies the same way we do each other? Is a great looking web site and business card the equivalent of the Trump suit and Tie? Are a common looking, no flare company name and logo equal to dusty penny loafers, corduroys and short sleeve dress shirt?

Was Sprite right when they said ‘image is nothing’?

What do you think?

I wear blue jeans and a T-shirt everyday, so take what I say with a grain of salt. However, I think the important thing for real estate investors is whether they can actually close deals, not whether they have a snazzy logo on their business card! IF you can close deals, everything else is fluff!


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I think the name can be important if you use it properly. Advertising is VERY important. Think about that ZAP! (tile and grout cleaner) that guy started that company from his garage and after running 30 min. infomercials, he is now selling 500 million a year. aflec is another one. That duck walking around - people dont forget.
thats how you want your company- unforgettable…