What's an effective way to start or add to a buyers list if you don't have cash?

What works for you ? I know most people won’t give out their secrets, but if you do, I would be extremely thankful. Thank you in advance & have a great week. :biggrin

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A buyer’s list is just that; a list. It costs no money to make only time, effort, and a bit of knowledge. The goal is to have a list of as many real estate investors with their contact information so that when you find and lock up a great deal (wholesaling) or just find the deals to pass for a finders fee, (bird dogging) you have a ready list of potential buyers. If you can get more information like what type of deals are they looking for (3bd 2ba single family homes that need little repair or major distressed properties, etc) you can taylor what YOU are looking for to meet their needs.

First step is start an excell spread sheet and put headings on it so that you have a “place” to keep your list. Excell is also excellent because if you are computer knowledgable you can use it to send out mail merge emails and/or letters.

Step two is to call every sign you see that says “We Buy Houses” or “Stop Foreclosure”. Tell those people that you are are an investor and that because you are finding more deals than you can possibly work on at one time, you would like to know if when that happens would they be willing to see the numbers to see if they are interested in the deal. You also get contacts and information by going to local REI club meetings and where ever else investors gather like seminars, and auctions. We have an investor that has $250,000,000 cash available at our last seminar. There are also new software programs available that do this all for you but those do cost money.

Best of lunck to you. By the way; send me an email and I will give you my infomation to be put on your buyers list. :smile

Of course you can use the craigslist. They cost you no money along with kijiji backpages etc…
the more people you begin to put on your list, and the more you break down this list with configuring exactly what you’re cash buyers are looking to buy, the easier it will be for you to cash out of almost any deal that you put together. :beer

  1. Go to your local Real Estate Investors Association Meeting and network with other investors. Tell them that you are a wholesaler and you would like to know what they are interested in buying.

  2. Put some ads on Craigslist, Backpage and other free online sites in the Real Estate for rent and for sale sections stating that you have real estate deals and to give you a call.

  3. Attend Real Estate Auctions and talk to the people who are bidding. Chances are they are investors.

  4. Pick up your sunday news paper and call the numbers of the houses for rent and talk to the owner and ask them are they still buying properties.

That should be more then enough to help you get your list going on the cheap.