What's an alternate way to build a buyers list?

Other than calling all the “We buy houses” ads. What are some other ways to get my list built? I’ve posted to the craigslist housing forum and someone labeled me as SCAM and the post was immediately removed. How can I approach forums with a request for interested investors to fill out my investor profile form?
The form is on the web but I don’t know if I can list the link on this forum as the rule states:
** No Networking - do not post networking, leads, mentors, or partner requests;

I’m currently going through two coaching programs and they both insist that I get started building my buyers list. They say the easiest way to do that is to contact investors via forums, etc. So, what’s the correct way to approach these forums so I don’t get labeled as a SCAM? I’ve got too much money invested to turn back now.


Email those who list apartments for rent on Craigslist as they are investors

Go to foreclosure sales on the courthouse steps as they are active buyers

Go to your local REIA meeting

Buy a list of non owner occupied property or multifamily property which is owned by investors.

Get an evictions list from your courthouse as they are landlords


Hooch, I tried to call my local courthouse and get an eviction letter and i guess they dont handle evictions here. Our sherrifs department does and it is not public record here either. Is there another way to get a list of evictions or is different in each state or county.

Different by the state or county. So that blows that you can’t get that list but you now need to try for a non owner occupied list (landlords) or a multifamily property list (landlords)

I answered your pm but thought we were talking about finding wholesale deals.

Tell them (the government) your objective and see what they have. Do it face to face so they hopefully don’t take the lazy way out and say they don’t have anything. Remember there are many offices down there and these people have no idea what the other offices have. Go into many of them and tell each one of them what you are trying to do and see if they have anything you can purchase. Ask if they have any ideas on this as if they are the experts. Government employees love to get their egos stroked. Especially the tax man and code enforcement. :biggrin