Whats a good phone service?

Hi all,

I work full time and am only looking for a couple deals every month or two(at least initially). I’ve been out of it for about 5 years. Did some flips in the past using traditional financing and sub2. I’m rusty but should pick it back up quickly.

I’m looking to set everything up again starting with the phone. What is a good phone service for people to call in, hear a recorded message, leave a Voice Mail and have that service notify me, forward the call, etc? Previously I used Freedom voice and was satisfied with it. I’d just like to see what others are using.

Is anyone using Google Voice for RE?

I use voicenation.

globalresponse.com has been good to me

A couple really affordable options that don’t require a new phone line or contract are MagicJack and Skype, both VoIP (voice over IP) services. With both you can have a recorded message and people calling in can leave a voicemail. With MagicJack you receive an e-mail with voicemail messages people leave. With Skype you also get an e-mail notifying you there is a voicemail but you have to sign in to skype to listen to the voicemail.

I use Googlevoice and Skype. If you want my honest opinion about Googlevoice, it has worked great for me. My VA’s have their own numbers, even more than one, one for every area. It can be utilized for both calling and texting and have several cool functions. You can set up voicemail, add notes, etc. Most of all, it’s for free except if used for International Calls (includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) and if you change your googlevoice number.

The best for automation of all telephone , fax, broadcasting, etc… is
Real Estate Tele Center dot com


I am a huge fan of google voice. As a matter of fact I have made training videos about how to use that service properly. Its free so hey, why the heck not right.

Another good service that I like is Magic Jack. Its not free but super cheap. Worth it if you ask me to gather numbers in many different states if you are going the virtual wholesaling route. :beer