Whats a good MHP area for investments

Me and a friend have been thinking of getting into the MHP arena. We live in SoFl, so this is no longer an ideal area to invest in with little land and parks.

Wondering what areas perferably in the south is a good area to invest. I was thinking of buying vacant land and building a park and just own the land and maybe a few trailers but mostly go the route of land rental fees.

Isn’t there an old joke about tornados and divorces in Mississippi…someone’s gonna lose a trailer?

Most of the southern states would be OK - I’ve lived in SC, GA, AL, LA, etc. I have good friends that own parks near Fort Gordon in Georgia and they kill…


I know a few owners here in NC that are doing quite well, they have owned these parks since the early 90s though. Got them at blow out prices back then, now days, I almost think the mobile home parks deals are gone.

Jacksonville, FL. Theres no better place to invest than Jville.