What's a fair price to pay for leads & where can I find sample letter to homeown

New to investing, focusing on wholesaling. I met a realtor that “might” give me off-market leads. Do I need to pay for every one or just if it turns into a deal? What’s a reasonable bird dog fee? I’m thinking $500.

Also, where can I find a sample letter to send homeowners to let them know I want to buy their house?

Thanks for any help. I appreciate all the answers I’ve read so far.


Typically I pay for leads resulting in a transaction producing profit. You can pay flat rate or percentage but typically percentage is much more lucrative to your bird dog and flat rate is more lucrative to you.

I try to only buy properties wanted by my buyers. I will sell both wholesale to another investor or retail to an end buyer looking for a deal!

Cash is king and I don’t care if a polar bear wants a home as long as he has cash and in this case doesn’t bite I will sell it in a New York minute!

You don’t want to buy their house, you want to buy their house wholesale as you can’t make a profit buying retail houses and most sellers want retail prices. What you want is distressed property where damages, repairs, death, divorce and financial distress provide opportunity!

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Thank you for taking the time to answer.