Whatcom County, WA .......Bird dog!!

Im just starting out in the RE world, and getting my feet wet by trying to bird dog…much appreciated if anyone has advice to point out to me of first steps to take in this business…thanks so much…craig

I would suggest you start by calling the “I buy houses” ads in your local paper. Ask them what areas and type of properties they prefer to buy. Also find out what they will pay you for bringing them leads. It helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Then, you could start by driving around looking for vacant properties in the places that meets the investors criteria. Talk to neighbors of the vacant properties or look up tax records to find and contact the owner about selling.

This is just one of many methods to get you started

When you say vacant houses, are these houses that have for sale signs on the yard.

No, I’m talking about vacant houses not yet on the market for some reason or another.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Much appreciated!! I actually made my first phone call today where an ad was posted saying, “I buy Homes of all kinds” I thought, oh perfect, ill call and ask him what exactly he is looking for and what i told him what I was looking to do. I’m not sure where i went wrong, if anywhere, but the guy said its not as easy as a phone call, and said to get a better understanding of what i’m talking about, and then hung up on me…Now I’m going to back down from one call, but I do know that my idea of a bird dog, and the details of what i’m doing is vague…its as if I have a blank sheet of paper w/ just the basics at the top of the page w/ no depth of what i trying to accomplish…i dont have that skyview of what i’m doing, what to say, or really anything. Do i just keep reading, and try to join rei groups in my local area or what? I hope i’m making my point!! thanks again for your help!!

Attending REI groups in your area is always a good idea, spending time and money on Education is also important. I’m a little surprised you got the response you did, most investors in my area would be thrilled to have someone out looking for deals for them. Sorry they weren’t more receptive.

Tcwood is right, it sounds like that guy was an ass.

I’d say to put him on your Bozo List and be sure to send all your deals to his competitors.

People are funny in the pacific northwest. I’m currently training a birddog in Portland, and so had to call several go-to guys in that area. They’re protective of what they’ve got. Buddy of mine up there has told me that the people are decent, but you have to get past their clique mentality. (Oddly enough, Phoenix, with almost no born-here locals, has a lot of that too.)

Anyway, these guys can be quite busy, so keep things to the point. And it’s always best to call them when you have a little something to show them. See my post to N2that in the “Questions” thread.

Good luck and have fun.

And if you’re near Yamhill county, by Portland, contact me.