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Im a young guy trying to get in the investment game. I have 20K in cash a Fico of 682 and going up after this payment posts. My problem is all my accounts on my report are 1.5 years old with around 1,000-1,500 limits. the houses Im looking at are around 100,000 to 135,000 price range depending on the deal. My income as far as uncle sam knows is 23,000. I just want to ask what do you think is the best program for me Im also looking to rent one and flip the other dont know if that makes a diff.

Sounds like your in good shape. Credit scores are in line, assets have been saved, and some income is showing.

Now it’s just a matter of finding the right deals.

If your looking for hard money lenders to do rehab financing this should be very easy.

Now, for conventional financing for normal purchases.
Some lenders have restrictions when applying for an investment property without owning a primary residence. It will really depend on the LTV (loan to value).
The length of history on your tradelines could be an issue as well. Some lenders require 3 having 24 months or 5 having 12 months. You didnt list specifically how many in your post. I feel confident though that there is a lender which will accomodate you.


Your not going to have a problem. Go get a pre-approval letter and start shopping. ;D


What state are you interested in purchasing investment property?