What you guys think of this Marketing idea?

I was thinking people are very attracted to things when sitting at the light. Like lets there is an accident and do you ever notice how everyone always looks to see whats figured going on.

Well I was thinking one day and I remember when I was trying on my firiends Spongebob square pants suit. It is super big and yellow very noticable. So I was wondering what if I dressed up in it and held a blown up version of my bandit signs up. On busy intersections…

Lol kinda funny But I think it would be very effective…

Not sure if anyone would take you seriously, especially if they are a seller in trouble. I think the reason investors don’t hire people to stand outside with signs is because it’s more expensive or time consuming (if you’re doing this yourself) and you may get less or about the same payoff. I wouldnt’ see it getting more payoff than hundreds of bandit signs.

I think it’s a great idea. You don’t have to wear the funny pants though. I remember that before the elections for some candidates that was the only form of advertising…

I understant what you mean Deein

I can tell you this, I wouldn’t call you if I saw that. Totally unprofessional. I get “thinking outside the box”, but you still have to hold a certain sense of professionalism. I think signs on the pole would do you just as well. My two cents.

I know. Just thought Id see what you guys thought about it… Being funny


I must say you have an excellent idea! :o It’s something different and to change your marketing strategy is a great way to start. Don’t let anyone encourage you differently unless you really tried it yourself. Although, I do agree with Dee it would take alot of time from us as investors. You should do it during the busiest of times of traffic if you decide to participate. Pay someone some daily cash.

Take this comment and run with it. Who would of thought ever thought a big yellow M would be billion dollar business. What about a target sign? What about those big air up gorillas helping drive customers in and pay attention to what the company is selling. It may appear “unprofessional” to some of your audience but it will make up to those people who do not think it’s unprofessional.

Good luck and take action! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply Brandy.
I was actually speaking with a friend of my friends whom i was giving a ride to and he noticed the bandit signs in my car and asked me what were they for and I told him.And just for fun I asked do you want a part time job. And he said doing what and I said holding up that sign for me and he said only if he could wear a mask… lol So people would know why he was… i just laughed but the idea may just work… Drawing attention to most of the people who wouldnt be paying attention to our signs anyway…

Alot of great comments here! I am one that leans to it as being unprofessional. Either way I would love to hear how it works for you!!



Ever see the “Monkey” guy or “Chicken” person then go to the store and ask if it really is working? I see it and laugh. I have NEVER in my life gone to the store, restaurant, etc that used this marketing type.

Just my $.02 worth.

In professional advertising, this is called “Human Directional Marketing” (HDM) but we all know it as an idiot in a costume. To make it effective your company should create a mascot. Just like Ronald McDonald, all major sports teams, “Izzy” in the '96 Summer Olympics, etc. Lots of companies have had success with a character/ mascot. The character can be semi-professional, but childish enough to draw an undue amount of attention. I’d have your friend with no dignity stand at intersections, walk around public places (malls, parks, etc) and point cars in the direction of your open houses. To get your hands on a custom, professionally made suit it will cost $2-5k (the heads cost the most). I think you could still do this in a tasteful, nonembarassing way. A guy in a business suit with a giant dollar sign head holding an oversized briefcase that says “We Buy Houses” written on the side could work just fine. HDM is more of an indirect advertising media in that it will help to achieve a brand identity but may not get the phones ringing immediately. If people consistently see this character on print ads, billboards, business cards, walking around town, etc. and identify “it” with buying houses, it could certainly work towards a bigger goal.

I would actually like to see what would happen if you did this. Whats the worse that will happen, you wont get any calls?
…(well maybe you can get hit by a car, but thats besides the point…)

But like Danny said, are you going to make your own mascot?
…Please dont tell me you’re going to dress up as Sponge Bob Square Pants, cause…well…he lives under the sea in a pineapple, at 124 Conch Street with his friend Gary… ;D
If you do, decide to dress up as Mr. Sqaure Pants, I want pictures. ;D

As I was reading I remember “Ugh”, the caveman for a company that buys UGLY HOUSES. I think I saw this mascot in Chicago. Great idea!! Now, to have some dude dress up as Ugh the Caveman and stand on the corner? To me it loses all credibility.