What Wud you Do if someone kept bothering you with these post cards?

Most of my callers are friendly with a pleasant personality. But this morning I get a call from Mr. Grouchy…
… Hello…
I got a postcard from you wanting to buy my house. Yes I would like to buy it. What are you willing to pay? Well, I wud have to do a little research before I can give you a price. Can you tell me about your house? You sent me the card, what do you do just send these out to random people not knowing anything about their houses? Yea, that’s it. You can take me off your list. How would you feel if somebody kept bothering you with these post cards.
Why don’t you just throw it in the trash and treat it as junk mail? & Why don’t you get a better attitude and learn to enjoy life?
I quickly hung up, before Mr. Grouchy cud reply and blow a gasket.

These angry aholes can ruin you day if you let them. At first I used to be in shock and didn’t know what to say. But after doing this awhile I can usually tell that someone is angry by the tone of their voice and non friendly questions. And I’m ready for them.

Can you imagine what his family has to deal with and his renters and the clerks at Walmart.
Some people are a walking shitstorm.
Angry at everything and everybody.
I need to get back in my happy zone for my next callers.
Let’s make some Money…


Maybe its because you are pestering the guy and then acting like its his fault for telling you to knock it off.

You gave him your phone number on the card and then you blame shift him for calling the number provided.

Maybe the guy really does want to sell his property. He just decided not to sell it to you. Maybe your voice is too edgy.

You selected his address and his full name is maybe on the mailing. He knows you are examining peoples information.

I dunno Rando you have great topics posted but in this case you should read into that conversation you had with that dude. Read a few books about customer service. Don’t use Walmart as an example either because they have no real customer service training.

Its not a mudslinging contest. That guy may be grouchy but he may also have a distressed property. If so he is in the drivers seat, not you. Hes the boss with the chunk of real estate to sell to an investor, not the other way around.

Actually since Im all ears, i recommend getting a library book about the art of listening. Its the number one thing to do with customers. In this case you were not listening as intently as you could have.

Haha, sounds like you got a very bad attitude, Let’s compare deals completed and bank accounts and we’ll see who needs an attitude adjustment and a better personality and listening skills.
Are you and Redstar going to team up?

Raandoskie, best solution is to simply mark them “Unsolicited return to sender” and post office will stop them.

Rando, you’ve got the process down.

He who cares least wins! And you always care least!

I used to get tripped up on attitudinal slugs like that. It was a long time before I could stop taking responsibility for these negative responses to my marketing.

I was like the codependent girlfriend, who told the police as they were taking her abusive boyfriend to jail for taking a baseball bat to her skull that, “I made him do it! It’s not his fault. Don’t arrest him! He told me not to make him mad again.”


There’s lots of amateurs who try to be heroes, and try to close on unmotivated sellers by wearing them down, and/or wearing them out.

I remember one guy bragging that he finally got a “yes” from a seller, after grinding on him for two hours. Really? Pffft. Again.

Whenever a seller tells me they’re not motivated, I believe them. Otherwise, trying to game-play and use mind-tricks works at seminars. Meantime, the scarcity mentalities nurse eternal optimism that ‘somehow’ they can turn these ‘shiite’ sellers into gold.

I’ve lost count of the numbers of distemper victims that I’ve just hung up on. They either want what I got to offer, or they don’t. If not, I’m gone. Let the amateurs get their nipples twisted.

Of course, framing my ad copy with humor can shape both my response rate and the quality of the responses.

For example, I include a funny line in my ad copy that works to lower resistance to my potential offer. Many people have told me they called for more information, because I made them laugh. That’s a great way to start a conversation. It contrasts with the serious-bots out there.

Anyway, no time for jackassery patients.

Great posts Rando. :beer

Pestering? In litterally your post on another thread right before this one talked about making tons of calls and knocking on a bunch of doors…

Ironically that post was dead on for what a newbie should do.

Using Humor does seem to help, often sellers wud ask how much are you willing to pay? I wud tell them, One Million Dollars, there wud be a little hesitation and, then, “I’ll take it”. Then we wud both laugh. I tell the caller I wud have to get some info b4 I give you a price. The conversation always seemed to go a lot better after this.

One of my goals has been to write a book on how to successfully wholesale Real Estate. Now, Don’t laugh. What in the hell makes me think I’m qualified?
Before, I didn’t think I had enuf deals under my belt and enough experience, And especially because I’m not rich yet. And of course I was just plain lacking confidence. Well I believe that time is here. The last 2 years I’ve been crushing it.
I’ve read several book on the subject, some were good but were just too confusing, & some were incomplete and I had to use some of the info in several books to put it all together. What I ended up doing was using much of my own actual experience I learned in the battlefield and in the trenches.
I have also helped others do deals, giving them steps to follow and using my contracts and helping with the negotiations and getting them sold etc. That’s a real high to help someone. I believe I can help others, I know what has worked for me.
This is not something I’m thinking about doing but what I am doing. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the ass to publish a book on Amazon Kindle and actually sell copies?
I have been talking with a few copy editors and even a graphic artists to design a cover and I’ve been putting in some serious hours writing up a rough draft of my book, which has actually been a lot of fun I might add.
Now if I can get some help from a few experienced investors like Javipa and Gold River & Luke and others sharing their stories and experiences and advice this cud become one hell of a book.
I’m out here doing it, living my dream with the time and money to enjoy my life.
Let’s make some Money and have some fun.

I would love to help you accomplish that goal!!! I’ll help you, help me, help you, help me, help others! :smiley:

You might consider doing what what my west coast buddy does. Instead of selling a one-off training course, and trying to find new buyers all the time, he sells a continuity training system and support group for a nominal monthly maintenance fee. I don’t know what the initial entrance and training fee is, but it evidently works, since he’s been at this for years.

I’m not a subscriber to his system, since I don’t wholesale squat, but I do get his promotional emails every week.

Last I heard he’s got thousands of subscribers paying him something like $99/mo to stay connected with his latest marketing, lead generation, negotiation, and closing techniques …not to mention a place to ask questions, get real-time mentoring and feed back, and support in dominating their farms.

Well, if he’s got 500 people paying ninety-nine dollars a month, that’s a measly fifty-thousand dollars a month gross income. I know he’s got four times that many people in his program.

I’m considering this model myself only because it eliminates the need to update a course, and gives newbies with minimal resources a place to start… The slackers are a drag on the system, and won’t make that sacrifice. Not to mention most anybody can afford to fork out ninety dollars a month, and especially if they have some success, will justify sticking with it until they die.

Anyway, the paying members get real time information, updates and the short-cuts, while those that won’t cough up the dough, get to perpetually guess what’s going on, and try to reverse engineer what they think is going on, and get purple nurples in the process.

I don’t know what the retention rate is, but I do know he doesn’t have to keep reinventing his training.

Just a thought. I’m not even recommending this approach, except to challenge pre-concieved notions on how this should all work.

Hi i am not teaming up with anybody at this forum.

Hello I am a newbie real estate investor and never claimed I was an expert. If a person like that called back my advertisement i would just say call back when you are serious and hang up. I would not post a topic about it because it would not irritate me that much. Its a 5 second phone call. No biggie.

I do get calls for my landscaping company and they are people who are competitors posing as potential new clients, and they just ask questions to gather intel, sometimes 5 minute calls, asking how much i charge, and more. You are right they are irritating, but i look at it as a normal part of business.

Next Rando topic?

“I walked to the mailbox and tripped over a case of empty energy drink cans”

All ears shud change his handle to Never shuts up and know it all with a bad attitude. Unless AllEars was a joke and a play on words because he’s just the opposite. Why does he keep insisting on telling Rando how
to handle a caller? Why does he insist on having the last word? Why don’t he just shut up and not be so obnoxious? Why do I care? Why does he insist on bothering rando, is he really a dipwad that likes to irritate someone in a position to help him financially?
One of my fav guru’s often stated, “Only take advice
from someone that’s more
successful than you are”
I got a book to write and I got deals to do, Let’s make some money…


I want to be prepared, so I purchased a book and how to successfully publish and make money on Kindle.
And yea I get exactly what your saying and so does this book I purchased, explaining how to not just make money with the book sales but also and more importantly how to capitalize on the back end.
Offering services like your friend. Seems like your friend might be making so much money from his back end sales he don’t need to do Real Estate anymore, and it sounds like a full time job. But we have assistants for the grunt work.
My fav guru Ron Legrand said his investing didn’t take off until he started having his students bring in deals that they split profits on, and that’s exactly what I am planning.
I also got another booklet on how to lay out the book in a good flow, my editor is a retired English professor and has published a book. He wants to charge me 5 or 6 Hundred buks, if he can polish up my crap, he deserves it.
I got tons of post cards to get out the door, I got sellers to negotiate with and I got a lot to do on my book. Fun times…
Let’s make some Money…


Yes my friend was treating the membership program as a giant bird-dogging enterprise, where he gets paid to train them, and they get paid when they bring him a deal, and then everyone makes money when he either flips the deals, or rehabs and flips them. However, it’s all ‘pay-to-play’ with him.