What would you suggest?

I’ve read a bunch of books on short sales so I have a lot of information
but I’m still lost as to where to start and how to structure my deals without
borrowing any loans or use any of my own money.
Can anyone suggest a good book that will pretty muct take me by the hand
from start to finish? Thanx.

Join a local REI club and network with the other investors. That is the best education you can get.

Get out ther and get the deal. You will need to put anywhere from $10-$100 down as an option or P&S deposit. When you need to close, you can use 'Transactional Funding. That is ‘Dough for a day’. You can do that if you plan to do a A–>B then a B–>C closing on the same day. If you are planning to take the propery and put it into your inventory, you will need to use hard money or a private lender if you do not want to use your own money. I hope this helps, I can point you in the direction of a Trnasaction funder if you need it.