What would you do?

I purchased a small condo in November. The tenants decided to stay and signed a 1 year lease. The female is now pregnant, and the two of them want to leave the lease early. How would you handle the situation? Work with them and let them out of the lease, or enforce it and take them to court?

BTW, I told them I would work with them.

It would depend on how easily I could get new tenants, what time of year they wanted to break the lease, etc.

Some folks on here have clauses in their leases to give people that are upgrading to a home of their own a break, kind a good will thing. I don’t see any reason why you can’t give them a break, at most maybe charge them an extra month to help with the turnover costs. How much notice did they give you? If they aren’t moving for a few months I wouldn’t even bother hitting them the extra month if you have that much time to advertise, screen and possibly get the next tenants in soon after they move. This is entirely dependant on their cooperation with giving you time to show the place while they still occupy it. Your good will may just have them telling everyone they know about how nice you were and maybe a referral will bring a new tenant.

The female is now pregnant,
I would hope it was the [i]female.[/i] :biggrin

yes, you should work with them, but here’s a few thoughts.

Put it in writing!!!
The current tenants is responsible for the rent until the new tenant moves in AND any cost associated with placing that tenant. I encourage them to help located a new tenant that is suitable to save time and cost. Also, make sure the tenant is up to YOUR standards; not just the first person who wanders by looking for a place to live

Thanks for your replies!