What would you do?

I will be getting about 50k, and would like to use it for my investing business. Being in Property management for 18 years, we would like to do flips. Hubby has an electrical license, HVAC certified, plumbing and knows rehap and construction. I want to take the bull by its horns and go full time. We have no house payments, but still have about $2500 in bills. My full time job requires more then full time, so doing this part time is getting to nearly impossible.

The question to you is… You are me, what would you do?

how old are you?

what part of country do you live in?

is the housing market advantageous for this type of investing?

will you be focusing on foreclosures?

You have the experience, and both of you are in Real estate already in very complimentary roles to investing… I’d invest in what you know… Real estate.

Go for it… you’ve probably been around a few wealthy owners to see how they built up their wealth… same thing… why not you.

Good luck,

You guys are AWESOME!!!

I’m the big 4 0.
Live in Austin, huge growth.
I would really love advise of what to focus on first. I up to anything.

I know that our personalities are bold and coureagous, thats why the question is: “What would you do?” I would love to learn from your mistakes, before I make them, or if you are a newbie, what would you do or invest in first?

Thanks again,

I’m in Tampa and decided to jump in with my first rehab. I have most of the repair money in escrow from the HML. I front the money and they reimburse me.

The only advise I can give is be in control!


what can you tell me about Lago Vista? Nice area?