What would you do?

Hello, I need help and suggestions please. Time is of essence!

I have a buyer who is looking to buy 12-20 rental properties in a certain area and have the funds to buy now. I found a seller on CL that is selling his rental portfolio of 14 properties rental in the same area my buyer is looking to buy. The Seller want to sell them in bulk or will list them individually. They also will not accept low ball offers and want an offer on the whole portfolio.

Banks will be involved with the funding.What would you do in this situation? Is there a possibility that I can get a finder’s fee if I bring these two together and have the buyer work out the numbers with the seller? If a finder’s fee is the best option here, how would you structure this to work? Please help. Thank you!

Wow, hold em down partner. First you gotta get the seller to give you his lowest price for all of them, and I’m not talking about the first price he quotes you. After checking comps and evaluating repairs and a huge discount for the bulk purchase and more negotiating get him to sign your contract, your going to need 30 days and a 30 day extension.
That’s when you add your profit of 50K-100K on the price and send it out to that buyer and do some mass marketing.
Possibly also get prices on each individual property also so if the bulk chingo don’t work out you can work them separately.