what would you do-Cash Sale to Bank Mortgage

I just sold this property for full price. Only contingency was home inspection. Within Attorney review period, i am contacted and told that a mortgage was to be obtained thus they were inserting a mortgage contingency clause. I contacted The loan officer, he offered to give committment letter by Fri.

What would you do after being originally told and signed a full price cash sale contract- no banks -& house inspection contingency only to …now dealing with banks, surveys, appraisers, etc. On top of it all this is rural property and the bank is a metro bank.

Should I bounce the buyer or deal with it. I think I can get more $ for it if i offered financing on it. I own it outright so there are no pressing payments that need to be made. Or

Should i deal with it and guide the bank and company to completion of the contract. By guide i mean offer backup documents to back house value, improvements, own inspector, etc. by independent third parties- nothing illegal or funny.

It just went from a simple deal to a complicated one…What would you guys do.

have your attorney review the contract, but it sounds like changes have resulted in an amendment to the contract, which you should have the option of not signing. in this case the current contracted buyer would have to perform as the original contract stipulates.