What would make your life easier?

Disclaimer: I have nothing to sell or market to you. I am new in my entrepreneurial journey and am interested in learning what about life in the REI industry could be made easier through web/tech/app solutions. If this post conflicts with the guidelines, please let me know.

Hello, All! As noted above I am doing some research to see what, if any, needs or frustrations are out there in the REI world. Are there things that drive you crazy on a routine basis that could be made easier with a software or app solution? I.e. tracking properties, receipting, managing contacts, etc.

Again, I have nothing to sell or direct you to at this time; I am simply trying to learn and understand the unique challenges that you experience. I appreciate any feedback.


That is a good way of helping the community. More power to you! :biggrin

It depends on your aims. If you are ready to be the part of anything larger or your purpose of life is really great, you can start from the smallest steps first.

Depends on your goals:)

The entire financing process if you are borrowing a loan from a traditional bank / lender is a mega pain in the ass. Not streamlined in many cases, room for improvement through tech there!