What would experts do first to make money as REA

I am taking my test to be licensed as a rea and wonder what to do first as an investor to make money once I get my license?, besides getting listings and selling in a down market. :} Thanks for all input as I am scared and want to work hard but not sure where to start.

Well, one huge benefit is you will have access to the MLS, so you could bird dog to start. There’s a whole forum dedicated to just that. Maybe go to an investment club and try to meet other investors who will pay you a referral fee for finding properties, or maybe you could even hook up with someone in that forum that’s from your area. I’ve never done it, but it seems like a good way to get to know your target area, and establish some contacts while still making money.

Why birddog when you can act as an agent and get the 2%? :slight_smile:

This is one of those that simply isn’t clear. You’re getting your RE agent license and want to know what you can do, as an investor, to make money? The two aren’t intertwined. The way to make money as an investor is to find deals, real deals, and either flip them or close them. No RE license needed.

You need to check your state laws to be sure, but no birddogging for agents (definitely true if you’re going to become a Realtor). Cannot accept a fee outside of your brokerage for services nor can you pay one. Of course, I agree with Fadi here. Why try to birddog when you can be the agent and collect your share, hopefully more than 2% (of course that’s BEFORE the splits).