what would better.....

Hi everyone, would it be better to use a purchase contract or would it be better to use a sales contract when trying to get a seller to assign thier property over to me, also would like to know if anyone has “a contract to realease information”. that anyone could send me… it would be deeply appreciated Thank BigShem

Not sure I know the difference. To me a sales contract and purchase contract mean the same thing. What is the difference that you see?

You are talking about getting the bank to release info for a short sale? You don’t need an elaborate letter. A few sentences will do.

Alright Tc, i was told that a sales contract was for the seller who signs thier property to me,
a purchase contract was for the buyer who i assign the property to, my question is ,is this how it works…

i need a form to get the banks to release info to me to do a short sale, or do i need one … i live in new jersey and it seems to me that there is alot of paper and red tape that you have to go through to make things work around here…

I just use a sales contract and then an “assignment of contract” to assign it to someone. I’ll e-mail that to you and the authorization to release information.

Tom I would appreciate that alot thanks :smiley:

Tom i recieved the documents you sent me Thank you so much. BigShem