What website do you think is more effective?

DO you think a website that has just one page that looks like this: http://www.ibuyhouses.com/ is more effective than a website that has multiple pages and content like this: http://www.888ezbuysc.com/

What do you think makes one site better than the other?

People feel more comfortable seeing more information on your web site than just one page. If you are going to create a site then make it more than one page.

Do you think the seller form needs to be on the front page or on a separate page?

I would put a separate more detailed sellers page, and on your front page have a quick contact form which can include their name, email, and phone#.


Both of the websites you listed are not effective sites. By having the seller info form on the main page, it looks similar to all the other buy-this-or-that sites…

A more effective thing would be a headline saying - “Do you need to sell your home fast” and when you click on it… have a SHORT page detailing who you are, the process and then the form…

On you menu bar, I would include links like - FAQ’s, Testimonials from happy people who have worked with you (use ones that focus on how easy it was, and that you did what you said you would and build that into the content of your page), a list of homes you are selling, any affiliates, Why Us?, What we can do for you… put the focus on what you can do FOR them…

If you were going to buy your service, what would you be looking for?

Good luck…

probably neither.

You have 3 seconds to get the message across to people of what you are doing.

One path, one goal, one click…no more, no less.

Anything else runs the risk of “back key” knee jerk mentality.

The second website appears to be more user friendly. It encompasses an entire site so the users can browse around and get an idea for what you are about. The first website was rather harsh on the eyes and the colors didn’t really compliment each other all that well. Due to the increasing amount of websites on the internet it is turning into a game of diversifying yourself and making your site unique.

J Rubijevsky

I personally like the second listed website best. It is the the one site that gives the viewer a feel that they are actually viewing a professionals site and the information is credible. That is not to detract much from the first site you listed. Obviously the second has more web design incorporated in it and may be a bit harder to keep up. Truly the decision comes down to you and what feels comfortable with you and your client base.

Karen Whitman

I like the strategy of using both the pages with each other. On the one pager you should keep everything above the fold and quickly give your “Elevator Speech” and then just a quick and easy sign up form. On that one pager you should have a link “for more information about us go here” types of things that will lead to your multipage full blown site. Also on the multipage site, you can have a link to the single pager.

I say try both types and install Google Analytics to see which one converts better. You can use what’s called Goals in Google Analytics to track when certain goals are met, such as when a user fills out your form. This form is complete when a “Thank You” page is shown. When the “Thank You” page gets displayed, Google tracks it and considers it a goal met. You’ll be able to log in to Google Analytics and see which one is providing you more leads. Send traffic to both sites and see what happens :slight_smile:

I liked the second site. The first one was too much. I definitely do not like the form that pops up and never goes away. I also liked the about page.

here2learn here is a siye you can try its called lead tackle depending on what your looking for it can be effictive

For me, having a site with fewer links and distractions have converted better.
I used to have my site filled with various links, such as “About Me”, “FAQs”, “Houses
For Sale”, “Become a Lender”, etc. etc.
Now, it’s more simple and direct.

The goal of a We Buy Houses-type website is to capture leads.
If you still want to have all those links and information, then use it for your
company website…nothing wrong with that.

A seller doesn’t care about your ability to provide wholesale deals to investors…
they don’t care about your inventory of homes for sale…they don’t care
about you (maybe just a lil’). It’s all about them. All they want is for someone to buy their house.
There’s no need to put “filler” onto a site.

I’m not going to spend my time and efforts online, in attempts to get seller leads, just to distract them with my other services. I want their contact and property info. In order to make it easy for them to submit it to me, my site is no longer filled with clutter and distraction. My site is more of a squeeze page, with some brief info on how I can help, with my contact information.

You need a call to action, info on how you can help them, and a way
to contact you. That’s it. Of course, you can put a couple of fancy graphics. :cool
Now, with that said, I do have links about me, FAQs, etc.
BUT, those links are @ the bottom of the site (the footer).
So they only see it when they scroll down. I no longer make these links
as obvious these days.

Again, don’t mix up your company website (information filled) with your
We Buy Houses one (simple and to the point)
Do what works best for you.
This is just what has worked for me.

It appears that the 1-page version is a squeeze page whereas the other is a more conventionally designed website. Looks aside, these two sites are serving different purposes. I think the real question is what do you want the site to do? What do you hope to accomplish? Is gathering user information the primary objective? If so, then I’d probably go with the squeeze page.

You don’t have to become an SEO expert or anything,but you should know enough to build the site properly and learn how to optimize website it as well.Thanks.

The second for sure. No one likes or trusts a one page site that screams out “I want your information”. Trust is a major factor in successful ecommerce.

The site has to be clear, uncluttered and get the message across imediately. The purpose of these sites is obviously to get leads.

I used to have a website that was not user friendly but I redesigned it to be more user-friendly. We Buy Houses


Being on page site makes you has a very tiny chance to be promoted through search engines so you don’t need to be a SEO specialist but you need to have many meta tags,keywors& a very good description to attract people. :deal

They can be better, IMO both are not effective.
A website should be user friendly, I dont think none of those sites are user friendly. First of all re build the website with a good structure, good navigation, menu, proper colour, images so on.
Then think about marketing. If the person cant navigate your website they wont be buying your products. Nor they will stay in your website.


The sites are for different purposes! One for collecting lead
informatiom, the other for branding. For my business I use
the branding site but only for building credibility, here’s how.

My marketing funnel works as follows:

  1. Leads are captured via targeted bandit signs
  2. The bandit signs direct callers to a recorded message and an answering service.
  3. Within the recorded message I include the web address for my branding site.

The branding site simply lets the sellers and buyers know that
I’m a real business! When prospects see the fancy site they
equate it with costing a lot of money. My credibility kit and
marketing materials all have the same theme.

Frankly, they don’t even read the content on the site or my
materials, it’s just something to put their mind at ease.
Your marketing needs to follow a plan and be targeted.
I like to target military families because I’m affiliated with
that group. You can do they same.
I hope this helps.