What type of neighbourhood is this?

I was planning on advertise on my local neighborhood just to test some advertising strategies, mainly for flipping. but i am not sure what category my neighborhood falls under.

It’s mostly semi-detached bungalows about 80%, about 20% semi-detached 2-Storey. there are almost no sales sign around, i haven’t seen any recently myself. In general the conditions of the properties are very good, and clean. they are about 40 years old. Densely populated residential housing area, with very few stores around. The pricing for the bungalows go around 250k, no sure of the two-Storey. I would say is around the average pricing for the general region.

so…what other factors should i consider? is this a good area to advertise? because i don’t see any for sale signs around. maybe lease/option? buy-fix-sell is not likely because from the out look, most properties are very well maintained.