what type of financing choices do i have?

hi, im new to this REI world and need much to learn. im very interested in multi family investing and want to know about financing options. what kind of loans can a person with no money, no credit and very limited exp can get? ive heard that only way to get the loan for this situation is by using HML, but its pretty hard to find 65%LTV deals in CA (guess need to look harder :)). so is there any other options? like getting equity partners (how do i find them) or seller financing? (but i heard banks dont give loan without buyer putting something in lately is that right?)

Anything >4 units and you’ll be looking at commercial loans instead of residential loans. You’ll generally need more down at that point. Banks want the buyer to have some of their own money in it as an incentive to not walk away and also so there’s some equity there if they end up foreclosing.

The first steps would be to read as much as you can online (so much free great info) so you can decide what ttype of investing is best for you. The other thing would be to get that credit. Either get rid of what’s bad or simply add some new positive things.