What type of company should i set up to do joint ventures with investors from al

Hi all
I have a question
I live in St Petersburg, Florida. I want to do joint ventures with investors from all over. What is the best way to go about doing this legally? Since we are buying properties here I would be responsible for arranging sell of property and possibly leasing as well. The title would not be in my name. I would just do all the legwork on this end and get paid at sale. What type of company should I set up. Do I need a real estate license, etc.

Whether you need a license depends on FL law. It’s sounds quite likely that the activities you are contemplating require a real estate license.

You will probably want a FL entity. Which type you need depends on lots of factors unique to you, so it’s not possible to properly suggest an entity type. Likewise, exactly how you structure deals with clients will drive the entity that you use with them (though an LLC is likely).

John Hyre