What type of business backs your real-estate deals

What type of business do you own?

What made you chose that business?

Who or what helped you decided to reinvest your profits from your business into real-estate?

Real estate deals back more of my real estate deals. I started my real estate business with my tax return. The first year or so I did remodeling on the side just to support my family, and I invested most of my next year’s tax return, too. Now my business is self-propelled. It not only fuels itself, but it supports my family, too. But still I need to learn more because now I have gotten to a certain point and I have sort of reached a plateau.

Weird watching this play out. One screen name signs on, and makes an inane post. Then he has to sign off so he can sign on with his other screen name. Then this second personality allegedly responds and, wouldn’t you know it, just happens to blatantly advertise the name and website of some guru who made a million dollars for him in 20 minutes. Entertaining to watch. . .but creepy. . . :o

They think that we just fell off of the turnip truck…here’s my prediction: NR.