What tool to use?

Hey guys need a quick way to file down the end caps of the counters I just installed. The formica caps that you iron on and then file down to match the counters. I bought a file but I think I’m going to need a meaner tool. What do you guys use? Thanks for your help:)

A router with a carbide Formica trim bit. In a pinch for a small amount, I have used a Sureform tool (very aggresive rasp) and finished it off with a file/sandpaper


If I were to by a router what would you suggest?
For this project and projects to come while rehabbing?


If I were to buy another router, I would buy a good one…they also make router-like tool called a “laminate trimmer”…it is a lot smaller, lighter and easier to handle:

www.homedepot.com/ and type in laminate trimmer at the top of the page…

I’m pretty happy with any Rigid tools that I’ve bought so I’d probably go with that one. You’ll need the carbide trimmer bit…