what to say

i’m going to try the door tag thing, but i don’t what to say does anyone know of a site where i can get some ideas. thanks to all

What to say on the door hanger?

The same thing everyone says…

“I Buy Houses.
Any Condition.
Fast Closing”

Hmm, very creative there. Wish i was that smart. Ethan, If you are working with foreclosures/pre foreclosures i like to use something along the lines of “Stopping foreclosures is just a phone call away” as my heading and than below " Call name/# for a private consultation"

if you want to only deal with motivated sellers who want out then

“we buy houses” is the best

it is that simple. KISS

if you want the challenge of having to deal with a lot of baggage and a harder situation to buy then it would be something more evasive, or less direct and to the point.

No need to be a jerk about it, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that my IQ spanks yours.

There’s a reason that most marketing in this industry looks the same: it works.

Sure, you might need to do something different if you are sending preforeclosure mail because you will need to compete with a hundred other pieces of mail. With door hangers, I’m thinking it’s pretty safe you’ll be the only one on that day, so no need to get too far out of the box.

Also, you’re looking for people to remember you in the future, not just today, and there’s no reason to limit your marketing copy to just “stopping foreclosure.” I’d say about 20-30% of my business comes from foreclosures, while the rest is just people who have beat-up houses that need selling…older folks, estates, tired landlords…none of whom are anywhere near foreclosure.

No apology necessary, Mr. 4 Posts. Just maybe keep the conversation about the subject and not about your pitifully inaccurate assessment of someone’s intellect.

  Now if we are going to be betting [b]YOUR[/b] dollars to [b]MY[/b] donuts
  on IQ, than i will be one rich guy and you will be a poor
  donut holder  :beer  

  But in regards to the door hangers i was giving ethan an
  example of what else to say, just in case you missed it.

  And now i am Mr. 5 posts. :biggrin

I would just add that your flyer should say:

“If you or ANYONE YOU KNOW needs to sell there house fast FOR ANY REASON”

Call me, I buy houses, blah blah blah. The goal is to get the flyer into the hands of someone who needs your service. Often you have to remind people of others who might need the service.

How true—copywriters keep swipefiles for the purposes of “creative emulation” (copying what works and changing it slightly as to not enfringe of any intellectual property rights).

If you see something repeated in your market every weekend without fail, it’s because its working—“we buy ugly houses” put Homevesters on the map, in business, etc. to the point where they can warrant charging a franchise fee of 50K to buy into their business.

With that being said, I think the basic ad can be improved upon in the following areas:

  • Specificity. Specific claims always outpull generalities—let’s change fast closings to something specific.
  • The Power of Free: Nothing outpulls like something for free—as your costs as an investor wouldn’t be be harbored by the private seller, let’s make this part of our USP (unique selling proposition).

This is my spin on your ad:

I Buy Houses.
In Any Condition.
7 Day Closings Guaranteed.
Service is Free To You


Scott Miller
There’s a reason that most marketing in this industry looks the same: it works.

I’m looking for a Single family home, any condition for $50,000 (price should be half of what a home sells for in your area) CASH PAID, close in 5 days. If you have one or KNOW of one call me at

The PRICE is the ad!!

It’s an attention getter. No one says you can’t pay more or less. The beauty of “THE PRICE” is it WILL get people to call. THEY think that your different because you have a specific number.

I’ve used this for over 2 years. It absolutley blows everything else away. It also culls a lot of nit wits out who are under the impression that my uncle was J. Paul Getty and I’m buying homes at retail out of the goodness of my heart.

The “I buy houses ads” are like a car dealer putting up a “SALE” banner in front of his dealership. It means nothing to people because they see it EVERYDAY! If you want your phone to ring with REAL sellers you have to do better than that. 20 years going this, I know of what I speak.

How many calls do you average a day?

Yes, it is sounds attractive, but I am thinking that I wouldn’t really buy it. It is some ad that I would avoid for sure. However, it is just me.