What to say when selling a flip...

My husband and I are selling our condo, after we have totally renovated it (essentially a flip). We do live here however, and already have a few people lined up to view it soon. What should we say is the reason for the move ??? It is really to make $$$ lol- so do we say its a flip? Im trying to think of good excuses for moving so soon- and cant come up w/ anything to clever. Help! :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need a reason, you just want to sell it. It is none of their business why. And never call it a flip. the word flip is a bad word in the eye of the public and lenders.

As usual, fadiz is right.

Don’t even utter the word “flip.”

And I’ve never had anyone ask me why I’m selling a house. If they did, I’d just say, “I’m not under any pressure to sell, but I do have my eye on another property.”

As I said, though, it’s never come up.

I’m flipping a property right now. I told the buyer that I bought it in rough shape, I’m rehabbing it, and I’m selling it. She was happy with my answer.

Most people don’t want to rehab properties. They want a nice clean property. Rehabbed properties are painted, cleaned, usually have new carpet, new kitchen flooring, new counter tops, etc. Most people don’t have thousands of rehab dollars, time, or knowledge to do the rehab. She liked that I was putting all new flooring, counter tops, and painting it. She doesn’t have to do any work.