What to say to those in pre foreclosure? How do you approach them?

Hello after reading and learning I have decided that it is finally time to start looking for a property. I have been looking at pre foreclosures and REO listings. I have quickly learned that those few REO deals, that are truly good deals, are gone in no time. Through future networking I hope to be one of the people hearing about these deals before they hit the market.

For now I think it is best to concentrate on pre foreclosures and am looking for any advice or opinions I can get. I am just unsure of how to approach the owners. Do you usually show up to the property and knock on the door(assuming they are living in the property) or do you call or write them(I would assume writing them would take too much time).

Once you do approach them, how do you bring up the topic of being there? How do you go about bringing up the topic. Are you pretty blunt right off the bat or do you kind of beat around the bush for a couple minutes? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Mods: Sorry if this is the wrong section. I am a beginner, so I wasn’t sure if I should put this in “beginner” or “foreclosures”.

I am a beginner also, but I believe that the first step should be to send them a letter and if you don’t hear anything, then maybe approach them. You may also try a phone call.

The best way to approach the owner is to just tell them you help people get out of foreclosure. Present their options (differ by state) and most of the time you can narrow it down to 1-2. Either Re-fi, Sell, or SS. Remember to work on your scripts. If you say it its bull sh*t, if they say it, it is true. You want them to believe you can help them. Why shouldnt they…you can!