What to say to interested birdogs?

Hey guys,
I am new to wholesaling and am very interested in virtual wholesaling. I did some search on bird dogs or property finders and I placed ads on craigslist in top markets and now my phone is ringing off the hook. They left messages telling me to call them back but I don’t know what to fully say just yet, lol. Embarrassing, I know. But I want to say all the right things to those that are interested so they can have confidence in finding leads/deals.

Also, can anyone tell me exactly step by step how working with a property finder in a different city/state works? I would really appreciate it. Like, what all will the bird dog/lead finder be doing on his end and what all am I to do on my end exactly?

Wow, talk about jumping the gun, and biting off more than you can chew and ready fire aim. I’m impressed with your initiative.
I wud suggest starting out in ur local market to get a grasp on what your doing. But then you might be on to something and you got gonads bigger than 3/4 of the population.
Tell these bird dogs your a beginning investor but you have teamed up with some more experienced guys and you want them to find fixer properties, the more you can get them to do the better, if they can look up tax records and Zillow and get an idea of the value and get the sellers name and contact info, then you can negotiate with the sellers to get their house for 30-50% of value.
But holy crap, you seem like you need to do some learning and get an education first.
Now I’m being negative, if you want to do this you will figure it out, step by step.
You remind me of me, always jumping in without thinking things thru, and it works. You might screw thing up at first but that’s the best lessons.
Your gona go far…