What To Say To Buyers???

lets say the scenario is that you have a few numbers of investors from a few i buy houses or etc ad’s…how do you approach them over the phone to get all your questions answered to know the type of properties they need so you can add them to your buyers list without coming off as a birddog soliciting potential clients? i want to come off as a experienced wholesaler so they dont just over look me if you know what i mean… Comments greatly appreciated :biggrin

From my experience that is not where you want to get your buyers and most of the time those are not actual buyers. You want your buyers calling you.

right i know about creating a ad saying something like handyman special…but what are some other ways to get the phone ringing if i really dont have anything yet?

Go to http://leadtackle.com. You can find buyers from all over the U.S.

thanx i checked it out and registered… :beer

I’m glad you registered. Now, just pick the state you need buyers for, and also select residential and less than $1 million. Then, you’ll get a list of buyers for that state or states. You can save your search.

Then compose a quick 2 or 3 sentence PM for the first contact. Before sending it, copy it. After you send it, you can paste it to all the others you’re interested in contacting.