What To Say On My Bandits??????????

I’m looking for 3 different types of prospects: wholesales,short sales or rentals. I was using" We take over house payments" and get a lot of call of people who are late on payment, upside down and can only do a short sale. As far as wholesales, NONE! In terms of rentals what I do is tell them I’ll rent their house but what they owe monthly and what I can get never works out, even subsidized.

So I’m looking to get more rentals and came up with “Can’t Sell? I 'll Rent Your home In 2 Weeks!” Priced right this is very possible. Especially the area I farm. Anyone have anyother good verbiage??? I’ve used " we buy homes" and only 1 call!

I use -

Need To Sell? A Guaranteed Offer on Your House in 24 Hours! 555-555-5555

Trial and error is all you can do though. Every area responds differently. Good Luck.

Dont use bandit signs… Just call your telephone company and have the listing for we buy houses or I buy Houses… But here are some examples of signs


Michael Quarles

@Michael: Are those signs you have used or just some examples you found online? If they are yours, which ones converted the best for you? Might help save some time split-testing… I know, I know, even though all markets react to signs differently, at least it gives you an idea of what worked in other markets :biggrin.

I dont use Bandit signs…


Besides the 411 listing that I’ve heard you talk about, what else do you use to bring in sellers? There’s no teasing in this forum… :dance