What to say in a voicemail greeting - suggestions?

I came across a post somewhere on these forums that was really interesting to me. This poster said that they have a very detailed voicemail greeting on their money phone that basically details what they do, and the poster said that this message really weeded out people who are not serious about selling their house.

I am on the brink of starting my wholesale business and I’d like to know if anyone here is doing this voicemail greeting screening bit and if so, do you have any suggestions for certain points I need to hit on in mine?

I would like to comment on this issue, as I feel I may have an insight that mey be useful…

Strive to become the Trusted Advisor…

When you speak to people, or when you leave them messages…just be sure to be sincere.

A sincere person should be able to recognize your passion for both making monies, and helping others.

Good to meet you

On your dedicated cell phone, a recorded message should be to-the-point and request the necessary information to get back to your callers promptly. Record the following:

“Thank you for calling. This is and I buy houses. I’m sorry that I could not take your call, but your call is very important to me so please leave a message. Leave me your name and number along with the address of the property and I will call you back shortly. Thank you again. I look forward to speaking with you about buying or selling you a house”.

This should be recorded in your professional voice; don’t make the mistake of trying to sound like “a regular guy” or even worse, funny. What not to do: “Hey! This is Bob. You know what to do,” BEEP! Don’t start out with music either - nothing but professionalism. Also, don’t say that you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for x dollars for sale either.

Listen to mine… 877-877-1010 however its a little more generic.

Great tips guys. I’d also ask them to leave a good time to contact them. This way you are calling them when they are not busy and you can get their full attention.

very good point Scott…make the potentail sale as convenient for the client or customer as possible

On my office and business cellphone voice mails, I instruct the callers to leave their name, telephone number and a brief message, but I also instruct them to visit my website if they need more information on my company.

Here is mine:

Thank you for calling (company name) we are unavailable to take your call but please leave us the following information to assist you in a timely manner:

Name and Phone #
Address of property for sale
Asking price
Reasor that you are selling … and
How soon you need to sell?

We will return your call within 24 hourss. Thank you and have a nice day!

It is short and to the point. You also get a good idea if they are motivated from their answers and wether they are even worth calling back.

I have a voicemail i use cris chicos method from virtual wholesaling. It does what its suppose to weeds unmotivated people out

thank you for calling,

and thank you for leaving your message.

God bless and have a wonderful day :biggrin