What to read about forclosures?

OK iam 17 and looking to get into rei after iam (18 of coures) any way and i was thinking about doing forclosures to start off and i was wondering what do you all think would be good for a newbie. any books on forclosures.

Or what would you all recommend

There are several books available, but, if you just take the time to read all the posts and I mean all (they go back a ways), you will probably get a more personal/in depth view of what happens.

This site is like an interactive training manual. These members have “been there, done that”. Take your time read the posts and ask questions. Good LUCK!

I would start by going to your county and getting there publications about how they work in your area… You can also call them and they will help you figure stuff out! Robb

I agree completely! Free education rules!!! The only problem is that all the information on the board is not catagorized for easy reference and that there is a ton of repeat information.

I would recomend either looking at a outlet book, used book store or library just you can familiarize yourself with some of the many facets of REI. Then atleast you will know what your looking for.

The only prob. is every state has different laws about this so I way read and understand these laws.