What to look for when buying duplexes?

I have a question in regards to buying duplexes. I have a several SFH rentals, but want to start adding a few duplexes to my portfolio. Having purchased several SFH’s I know what to look for in determining a good house but have no experience when it comes to buying non-SFH. Besides the obvious of any house what should I look for when I’m buying these types of properties? Example, two utility systems (electrical, and heat/water) or side by side versus up and down. I want to know what else I should keep my eyes open to so I can make the best decision and not over look anything. Thanks in advance for the help.

You look for the same things that you look for in a house: good location, good neighborhood, proximity to tenant jobs, curb appeal, good floorplans, state of repair.

A side by side would eliminate the endless complaints that the people upstairs are making too much noise.

You definately want split utilities so the tenants pay for their own.

I’d want a split or split-able yard. Again to cut down on the squabbling.

Here’s the big problem I see with duplexes. They are often located in areas with lots of other duplexes. That means all the neighbors are tenants, and there is the risk that the neighborhood wil look run down or get a bad tenant bad enough to make the neighboring tenants move out.

So location and neighbothood are even more critical. You want to look really hard at the factors in the area that you have no control over.

Thanks for the feedback!