hello everyone, i’m going to be attending my first reiclub tomorrow and not sure of what to do or say at the event. i know that’s where i can build my buyers list. but clueless from there. please help

Hint #1: Two ears, one mouth - use in that ratio!!!

Listen, Listen, Listen! It will be easily apparent who the real-deals are and who the ‘smoke-blowers’ are!


Most of the people you meet there are clueless newbies, be careful who you take advice from.

Collect business cards from anyone that says they buy properties. Many of them may be newbies so make sure you ask how many properties they buy a month.

One of the things that any new investor or anyone looking to network has to have is what I call the 8 second sales presentation. This involves a short benefit statement about what you can do for people rather than using the played out “Im a real estate bird dog” bit.

Let other investors teach you if you ask them a question, don’t get caught with the “I want to show you how much I know” bit. Even if they don’t know what they are talking about let them say it and leave it at that.

Once you have a couple of deals under your belt keep some evidence of success stories in your back pocket to demonstrate your value to other investors without having to say “Look at me Im great”

Just a few tips, I hope they help

thank you everyone for your input.