what to do with "warm" leads ?

What do I do now with leads that are not “deals”. I read that I should pass them over to a RE agent. What do I ask for in return…comps? And, do I tell my seller that I am going to pass them over to an agent? All assistance is appreciated.

Have patience. Not all leads will immediately materialize. Keep the leads and touch base with them every now and again. If you find a hot buyer that would be a perfect match, then contact your lead and fill them in.

By taking the time to farm the lead rather than handing it off or throwing it out will often lead to a sale and good PR and perhaps even a referral or two.

Good answer Campbell

Put them in a separate file and touch base again after a few months. They have good potential to turn into deals.

To answer your question, you can turn them on to other investors who might try to pull a deal creativaly… If you are just learning, i wouldn;t ask for anything other than allowing you to learn their process of how to turn it into a succesful deal from beginning to end… This was my prefer method of learning…

For real estate agents i usually do the customery 25% of their commission when the deal is closed… cheers!