What to do with vacant land?

There is general agreement among tax lien/deed investors that most of the properties that go to auction are vacant lots. That being the case it follows that the tax lien/deed investor should be familiar with the various ways to dispose of vacant lots and raw land, or at least of the various uses to which they can be put.

Some uses are obvious, like sell to a builder or the neighbors, or convert into a parking lot. But it would be helpful to have a list of some of the more creative ways to use or dispose of such lots.

Perhaps users of this forum who have experience in this area would like to contribute a few suggestions? It would be valuable to see if we could build
up an extensive list.


Howdy Bulletbobb

Some land has no use. I owned a large lot once in the middle of the creek that I got when I bought 5 other residential lots. It is a low income area and maybe if it were in a high dollar neighborhood it may be buildable with stilts and steel and high dollar plans etc. I am sure there are plenty of lots and land that has no use. Keep that in mind when bidding, check zoning, flood plans etc to make sure the use you have in mind matches the City/govt plans

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Thanks for the reply.

It’s actually ‘the use I had in mind’ that I was asking about. I’m trying to assemble a list of creative things to do with lots where a use may not be obvious. Ron Starr remarked once that he had a list of 20-25 creative things
to do with vacant lots. I can think of a half dozen or so, but thats about it.

I wonder what the other 18 are?


Have you thought about trading the lots as part of the down payment on other property. How about creating private mortgages on those lots then trading those mortgages for other property or to banks for cars/boats etc.
Then there are billboards. A friend of mind is fencing off some land and renting to contractors to store trucks and other larger machinery. A lot will depend on where the land is and what you can get it zoned. What are the ones you thought of? have you emailed Ron?

Sell it on ebay or bid4assets!