What to do with inventory?

With all the short sale opportunties becoming available and foreclosures here in South Florida, I’m finding it difficult to find capable investors that are savy enough to move forward or where to begin.

Being a local Realtor, I constantly come across these deals that nobody knows what to do with, including myself (-$).

I understand reiclub.com is not a place to solicit but if anyone knows where to find solid investors that can tactfully take advantage of what is going on down here in southeast fl let me know…

Also, any creative ways to collect and protect my monetary interest in the deals are appreciated…

Good Afternoon PBC,
My partner and I purchase properties throughout the United States are come across the majority of the deals from people like yourself. I will need some additional details, price ranges, LTV, time frame to close, what you want out of the deal etc. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

Enjoy your day,
Ray, mgr.mem.

Hey PBC,

  I'm a new investor in western PBC myself, and I plan on specializing in foreclosures. I'm working on a SS right now, and if you have more I would welcome the chance to see if I can help you out with your "inventory" of SS homes. Of course I would only take the deals if you are guaranteed the compensation on your end that you deserve as well. Look forward to hearing from you...