What to do with in ground pool?

Just looked at a REO property in my area with an inground pool in the backyard. It pretty much takes up the whole back yard. In my area (central Ohio) pools are not in high demand and definitely not expected in this price range (ARV $100k).

So what do I do with it. Is it going to cost me more money to get it cleaned up and running with the right chemicals and such than it would bust it up and fill it in so I can resod the backyard. Anybody have any experience with this?

If you’re selling it, I would clean the pool up. If you’re renting it, I’d fill it in. If you’re going to live in it, I’d go swimming!

Good Luck,


I use to sell pools a few years back. If the liner is ok, check the pump, if that’s ok you should be alright. A new liner could cost a couple thousand and a new pump can be costly as well. If the only problem is dirty water you can get all the chemicals you need for around 100 bucks. Good luck.

Thanks jbaldwin! When I walked around back the first time I scared off a couple of ducks that had moved in. The water looks pretty nasty, but if I get the house I’ll get someone to come out and check those two things as you suggested.

If it’s an REO negotiate that they bring the pool to workable standards or give a credit based on quotes you obtain. If done properly they will more than likely do it. I’m surprised they haven’t already if there is still water in the pool. Any idea who the asset management company is that has this?

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