What to do with $3,000?

What is the best thing I could do to turn an extra $3k into an even bigger number? It would be nice if I could add additional zeros to that 3k. Right now the money is just sitting in my savings account doing nothing. I want to put that money to good use now to increase my income now.

Spend the money on marketing for motivated sellers and wholesale the deals.

I’d use it for a direct mail campaign and some bandit signs. like reikiller said, do some wholesales

I think you should just leave this money in the bank, until you get a clearer idea on what you actually want to accomplish.

Your objectives are too gauzy and imprecise.

It’s not enough to just want to increase your income. You need to know how much income. How soon. With how much risk. And doing what.

Otherwise, any result meets your criteria, but is unlikely to happen, because there are no benchmarks to follow to get you anywhere.


$3,000 - open up an InvestorCarrot website. Costs $600/year. Grind the hell out of your Google.

Use to improve your SEO and generate useful material for your clients and promote with ads.

The best thing to do to make money in real estate is getting an other deal.
So to do that you need leads, to do that you need to market.
You thus need to decide on a marketing strategy. Ours is our website. We get super hot quality leads without spending a cent.
So with 3K I would set up a website, and write appealing copy and then invest in SEO to get more leads


Use that money to gain a strategic advantage over other investors. Develop a strategic marketing plan BEFORE you advertise. Hire Real Estate copywriters to develop your landing pages, scripts. Develop your content. Then hire a programmatic advertisers. I guarantee you will get the highest ROI

There’s some really good options here. I would start with the website from InvestorCarrot and work to improve the SEO. It’ll take time to rank. In your downtime of not improving the SEO, I would send direct mail and bandit signs.

Bingo! Correct answer. We got a winner!!

FACEBOOK ads! They are really working, read others ads, what is popping out to you? Target, Target, Target your people you want to sell to, or buy from. Cheap Ads, key is in the follow-up. Your ad must not look like an ad. Tell a story I use Canva.com to write all my ads, I use my images and theirs are great too, but the ads will go right in to Facebook and Twitter from there. Then BOOST your ad from the Facebook Business page. Always use Mobile FEED.