What to do when Unable to locate Property Owners

I have read some of posting on this forum, real informative. I wanted to know how someone could go about claiming an abandon property. There are two properties I have tried reaching the current owners on and both have past due taxes, property A has 4 consecutive years of back taxes and property B has 2 years of back taxes. Property B has the owner listed in CAD at the same addresses as the property, but has been vacant for over 5 years according to the neighbors. Property A has been vacant for so long that they (not sure if city or owner) tore the house down about 2 years ago, but neighbors estimate property had been vacant about 20 years. Is there a way to pay on the taxes to keep from going to auction and put a claim on the abandon property? Or are there other ways to find the owners of such properties. These properties are in the Houston area

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Howdy Bol91:

They can be found. Possibly 6 feet deep. Check probate records too. Could be teied up in lawsuites also. I bought one that had over 20 years back taxes from 68 I believe it was. Best way is just to wait for the tax sale. You can not get the deed by paying the taxes. I too have had the same thoughts and have found no solution. If you get a brainstorm here let us all know

Thanks for the Help Tedjr…If you know of a good real estate lawyer please let me know.

Another thing was I read a posting you had about HUD Grant\financing to repair homes on the east end of austin. How would I go about doing that?