What to do when a sellers call you

When a owner calls you because they have a property for sell. What is the dialog of the questions you need anwsered in order to get all the info to analize the deal? Does someone have a form they follow so they get all the info the require?

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This is what I use and it may be of some help.

What you want to find out first is the motivation of the seller. You never mentioned whats the nature of this seller if he responded to your ad or letter. There are all kinds of home sellers out there. And there are also hundreds of eager home buyers also.

Of course, the basics of knowing about the house. Address, square footage, bedroom/bath, additional amenities.

Then, you would like to know the financial profile. Asking price, does it still have an outstanding mortgae or if its paid for. If its paid for this is where a possibility of getting it owner financed.

How much property taxes, insurance and if there’s also a homeowners association fees.

And then, you would like know the motivation of the seller. Why is he selling?Motivated sellers signs are like divorce, health issues, job move or death in the family