What to do now?

OK… if someone can help me learn the process I would appreciate it…

OK… so lets say I find a place on realtytrac… now what? What are the right things to do? Also, I notice that there was an option for a postcard that I can send to the owner which reads:

Dear Homeowner,

I am interested in buying a home in your area and I believe I can save us both time and money.

Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Thats great and all but what do I say/do when they DO call… I’m new to this and learning stuff from this site everynight but not sure on the right steps to take…



Scotty I am new also but there is a good article on the front page about 15 questions to help you find a motivated seller. I don’t know if this will help you but it gave me a nice checklist to start from.


Hi Thong,

Once you have a pending foreclosed property you want to deal with your first step is to make communication with the property owner.

Your best method is to go up to the door and see if you can help them.


You can send them a letter followed by a call and then a drive by.