What to do if the evicted person doesn't go away

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I need some advice. I’m in California. I’ve 20 units rental property. One of the tenant that I’ve evict create a lot of headache for me. This guy has been evicting out from Room1 because not pay and 30 days notice, during the logout date he move into Room2 without our permission(Room2 in our list is vacant). After Room1 logout date came which he supposed to completely move out from our building since the Shriff came to log that out. The Shriff log Room1 out we got Room1 back on our possesion. Then the guy move right in to Room2. According to the Shriff said he have no right to stay in room2. I then call the police on him all traspassing to our property. The police came and he told the police that he was in pocession on Room2 over 30days and he lie to the police that he has a deal with the owner to let him to stay for free then the police buy his story, and let him to stay on. So now they guy just doen’t go away refuse to move and the only thing that I can do is start paper work of eviction again. My point is that this thing will repeat if I can’t fix it at the core. To me I can’t belive this thing happen. From what I understand is that in order to innitiate tenancy on any place you have to pay to innitiate that there is no evidence of pay on Room2 at all. How do I deal with this situation ? Please give me some advice.

Contact your local court. They may tell you to contact a lawyer. My question is how did he get access to “room 2”?

How did he get access to Room 2 ???

How come the police believed him over you?

Unless there is more to this than you are saying,
call the police and have him removed from the property. You need to be there. Have a copy of your court ordered evicition in hand.

How does he have access to Room2 is that he is a friend of the current manager. He ask to see the room. The manager give it to him. That night which is about 2 weeks before logout date on room1 he move his stuff from room1 to room2. I keep asking my manager to remove him out. The guy refuse and say he just hang out there. I pick on him everyday my manager seem to be afried of him. This make the even came this far. Should I talk to difference police person ?

Seems to me that you need to get rid of your apartment manager. Otherwise, this type of thing will just continue. :rolleyes

No, I think you should let him live rent free for life. You might even want to open up a trust fund on his behalf.

The manager is already out. If you were me what will you do ? I do not think that I’ve to evict him out from Room2 since he can just keep moving around and thing will never end. Please advice.

You don’t have to evict someone who is occupying a vacant unit. That’s trespassing. Do what jfpen said and get the police back out there. You have paper work. He does not.

Eventhough, he claim that he is in room2 more than 30 days right ? There is no tenancy estabrished right since he doesn’t pay? I just wanted to confirm my idea. I’m also going to get the police back on soon that is what I plan.

You’re in CA, so I’m not sure how they determine tenancy. That crap wouldn’t fly here. The cops would have him out.

Thanks a lot justin0419
Can some pros from California confirm my idea please ?

It’s California. :rolleyes Everyone is a protected group except for you. Contact an attorney to be safe.

I talk to an attorney here in CA about this case. He said after hear the same story, this guy is still a trespasser to him. He ask me to try the police again. There will be one point that I’ve to stand up against him that he is there less than one month and he will say he is there longer than one month. How do I win the police ? Last time I wasn’t there my guy call the police, after the police came they let him stay. I’m really don’t want it to happen again.

Did you show the police the court ordered eviction papers?

If nothing else, those papers would prove he was in another unit less than 30 days ago.

Also those papers prove that you already have an eviction to throw him off your property.

If the eviction was filed right, it should have the street address of the entire property.

I’ll show that eviction paper court order this time. That court order say to remove him from room1 now he is on room2 of the same street address. He will try to sale that he is in room2 which is vacant room to us 30 days before the eviction lockout date.

Here is what you can do to get any squatter out…

  1. If there is no lease agreement, As the owner you should be able to have the utilities turned off. -After this…

  2. Inform the police that you have a squatter in your property and that you want to avoid confrontation when you go to clean out your property. Tell them that you have a prospective tenant and you have a contractor ready to make repairs. Arrange to arrive at the place with the Police. bring a handyman with you…When you get there have the handyman to take the doors off and give the squatter a few hours to get their stuff out and then have the carpenter to screw OSB on the door opening.

  3. You will then have a police report, and if the squatter tampers with the OSB barrier this will be a crime similiar to breaking in and entering.

  4. After a few days, re-hang the doors and change the locks.