What to do about the other spouse?

I’m come across a pretty good deal, but the other spouse can’t be contacted. He’s supposedly moved clear across to country to Florida. No new contact number. We’ve tried to contact his old friends and family, but no one has a contact number for him. We did get a possible address, but haven’t heard back in two letters.
This is a divorce case and the judge gave 50-50 split on the house. Obviously, we need him to sign off, too, but we can’t find him. Any suggestions on how to work this one out? Anybody in Florida that wants to drive to the possible address and look for him? :biggrin


  1. Send him a check for $25 " for deposit only" If he deposits the check you’ll know you have the right address and also get his bank account #.

  2. Assuming the wife has a SS#, do a credit check on him. I think the current address will show up.

  3. Hire a skip tracer


I agree with jmd forest, hiring a skip tracer will do the job, that’s their job finding people that don’t want to be found. Good luck.