What to do about Spanish speaking sellers?

I think I just lost a deal today because the sellers only spoke Spanish. I was in a time crunch to find someone who spoke spanish, but couldn’t. I don’t speak spanish (yet), so what are you guys doing to be able to translate from start to close on a deal with a Spanish owner? Do you have some kind of service?

I mean, it seems that I might need someone one the initial conversation to get details, someone with me when we sign the contract and look over the property, and someone during to setup closing, times, etc…?

So how do you handle this?

Just find somebody that can interprit and pay them a fee to help you.

If you want to pay a fee, I can help!

Are you sure it wasnt because they didnt want to sell to someone other than a fellow Spanish speaking buyer? Im not saying this to be racist but I know of a situation similiar to this where the sellers only wanted to sell to someone Spanish because the area was almost 100 percent Latino. It’s rare to find aa actual homeowner that cant speak any English at all.

It’s possible, but they were asking me to find someone that spoke spanish so I could deal with them.

Getting someone to help with phone is one thing, but when I go to someone’s house it is going to be a bottleneck and inconvenient to rely on someone and drag them around all the time. I think I will most likely end up learning it.

You may want to think about working with a bilingual agent on those, just because there may be some real estate lingo that an interpreter may not know. Good luck!

If you need some over the phone help, I would be glad to do it, no fee involved!

Wow…generous offer rafaelismo!